Update from CES

The 63 degree weather here in Las Vegas is much more appealing than the feet of snow and freezing cold weather back home in Chicago! Unlike a lot of post-holiday travelers, we were lucky enough to be able to find a flight that didn’t get cancelled and made it on time (well, 5 days early for some of our team) to CES!

Although the rows and rows of exhibitor booths inside the Las Vegas Convention Center are overflowing with reporters, buyers and industry insiders, we can't complain because the unique array of people we have been meeting are just as excited about the future of Loop Attachment as we are.

By just being under the same roof as innovative companies such as Sony with their new curved LED TV or the Ford C-Max Solar Energi concept car is exciting, but it is also challenging us to think of new ways to improve our own products. 

With so much inspiration, ideas and creativity crammed into one area, you can guess it got our wheels turning and we are pretty confident the products we are going to debut this year, and years to come, will exceed the precedent we have sent!