National Ditch Your New Year's Resolution Day

It is National Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day, so apparently many Americans will be giving up on their new workout routines and healthy eating plans today. According to statistics only about eight percent of us who make resolutions are able to carry them through to completion. But, if you are one of the determined few that makes it through today with resolve to better yourself again tomorrow, congratulations!

Our resolution at Loop Attachment is to continue to innovate and design cutting-edge cases and accessory products for the Apple devices we all love. Starting with our new line for the iPhone 5c, which is now available, we will also soon be selling the Mummy case for iPad Air. And then, will be the debut of our biggest game-changer yet...the StraitJacket!

Stay tuned, we have big things planned for 2014 and this is only the beginning. We won’t be giving up on our resolution!