Super Bowl Sunday

Are you ready for some football? While we are incredibly disappointed that our Chicago Bears did not make it to the big game this year, like true American football fans we will still be tuning in this Sunday. Hopefully the weather holds out and the game is actually played on Sunday. The Super Bowl just would not be the Super Bowl if they had to move it to Saturday, or worse Friday. What would we all use as an excuse for missing work Monday?

In preparation for the game, many people are planning huge parties at their homes, inviting friends and spending hours putting up decorations, planning menus, shopping and cooking. The smart ones are going out.

The really smart ones are going out sans wallet or purse and just bringing their iPhone bundled in a Loop Attachment case. Why risk having your wallet or purse become victim to beer spills, dirtied by wing sauce or worse left abandoned in the corner when you head home for the night when you can use your Mummy case to store the essentials? 

A word of warning though – before you head out to take in the game, commercials, half-time show and indulge in delicious food and beverages with friends be sure you check the color of your case and swap it out for another Mummy in your collection so it doesn’t look like you are rooting for the wrong team.


Guess the total combined points that will be scored by the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl XLVIII.  Head over to our Facebook page and leave a comment here (Under our blog post status update).  Whoever guesses closest to the final score will receive a free iPhone Mummy case in the winning team's color Orange (Broncos) or Neon Green (Seahawks).  If multiple people win, we will award multiple prizes.  Good luck and thanks for playing!

***Must be a U.S. resident to be eligible for the prize.