U-S-A, U-S-A!

Team USA is achieving some amazing feats at the Olympics in Sochi. And the U.S. is moving up in the medal rankings! Now tied in first place in the rankings with 13 medals.

Pretty incredible that the U.S. was able to capture a medal sweep in one of the newest winter events, Men’s Slope Style. Especially since the Bronze medal winner is a Midwest boy. There is not much opportunity for skiing like that in our flat cornfields, which makes what he has accomplished all the more impressive.

We’ve switched out the Mummy cases on all our devices in the office to red, white and blue so we can show our pride and support for all the athletes.

If you were going to compete in the Winter Olympics, what would be your event? After watching Al and Matt give it a try on the Today Show this morning I think we would have to pass on the two-man Luge. Maybe Curling?