March Madness

This is a good news, bad news post. The good news first – iPad Air Mummy cases are officially in stock! The bad news is for our brackets. None of us will be taking Warren Buffet for $1 billion this year. Our brackets look worse than an English teacher redlining the rough draft of a term paper.

March Madness has been filled with shocking upsets this year and there could be even more to come as the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games narrow the field further this week. If you are streaming the games on your iPhone or iPad make sure you have your devices decked out in your team’s colors with the Mummy case. And keep a backup in your pocket in case you need to quickly switch allegiances after yet another upset.

As an added bonus, you can print out your bracket, fold it up and tuck it under the bands of your Mummy iPhone case so you don’t have to stop watching the games and pull up the CBS Sports app to confirm you chose the winner. The raised design of the Mummy cases also make it easier to keep a firm grip on your phone or iPad during intense moments of the games when your arms might be flailing above your head in disgust or delight. There is nothing worse than accidentally sending your phone flying across the room on top of watching your bracket crumble before your eyes.

As a special bonus for our loyal readers, use the discount code "March Madness" to save a few on a Mummy case in your favorite team's color.  Well we would love to chat more with you, but we have some games to watch!