Holiday Craze

Americans are crazy about their holidays. There is literally something to celebrate every single day of the year. This month alone everything from practical jokes to pecans, ex-spouses and even hairstyles are being honored. To pay homage to every whack-a-doodle holiday that has been dreamed up for the month of April, we are going to try to come up with a way for you to take part in each and every one incorporating your Mummy case of course! Get ready…


4 Hug a Newsman Day – you’re probably going to have to take him or her by surprise to get close enough to snag a hug so slip a headshot of your favorite newscaster into the back of your Mummy case to flash at them while you go for the gold.


4 National Walk to Work Day - first Friday of month – you’re going to get blisters if you have to walk far. Pack Band-Aids in your Mummy.


5 Go for Broke Day – head to the track or your local OTB and tuck your ticket into your Mummy for safekeeping.


6 Plan Your Epitaph Day - a little morbid if you ask me, but you can keep a draft in your Mummy and add to it throughout the day.


7 Caramel Popcorn Day – Popcorn isn’t free. Better keep some dollar bills in your Mummy to buy a bag as soon as you get to the store!


8 Draw a Picture of a Bird Day – then stick it in your Mummy case to keep it safe.


9 Name Yourself Day – change your name then keep your new ID in your Mummy!


10 Golfer's Day – the Mummy seems like the perfect place to store a golf tee if you ask us!


10 National Siblings Day – time to tuck a retro snapshot of you cute kids into the back of your Mummy case.


11 National Submarine Day – we’re going to cut ourselves some slack on this one. Get a gift card to your favorite sub shop and keep it in your Mummy until lunch. Then buy a sub.


12 Big Wind Day – keep a tissue in your Mummy all the wind might stir up allergens and make you sneeze.


13 Scrabble Day – Google a high point word, scribble it down on paper then put that winning word in the back of your phone under the Mummy bands for the key moment of the big game.


14 National Pecan Day – what better way to eat pecans than in a pie? Time for another gift card! This time to Marie Calendar’s or Baker’s Square or wherever you can get a slice.


15 Rubber Eraser Day – not that anyone over the age of ten uses pencils any more, but you could probably tuck one of those classic pink erasers under the Mummy bands too.


16 National Stress Awareness Day – no stress ball? Take your Mummy case off your phone and squeeze that instead.


17 Pet Owners Independence Day – we hear the Mummy case is a great place to store doggy do-do bags. Declare your independence from parks that only stock bags and walk where you want today!


18 International Juggler's Day – amaze your friends with your ability to juggle toothpicks. Keep three in our Mummy and whip them out to impress anyone.


19 National Garlic Day – mint gum. Enough said.


20 Easter – the Mummy case comes in so many colors your iPhone will fit right in with the bright Easter eggs and outfits.  Be sure to pick a color that compliments your new spring duds.


21 Patriot's Day – show your American spirit and use your Mummy bands to attach a tiny American flag to your phone!


22 National Jelly Bean Day – keep a few dollars in your Mummy so you can buy a bag of Jelly Belly’s to celebrate today!


23 Lover's Day – more mint gum. Can’t kiss with bad breath!


24 Pig in a Blanket Day – tiny hot dogs wrapped in bread. An iPhone wrapped in silicone. Anyone else seeing the connection here?


25 World Penguin Day – dress up your white iPhone in a black Mummy to honor this majestic bird.


26 National Pretzel Day – the bands on the back of the Mummy criss-cross just like a pretzel, but the real thing tastes better so keep a few dollars and hit up the vending machine or a sporting event today for a soft pretzel and cheese.


27 National Prime Rib Day – wear your stretchy pants, it’s time to head to the closest buffet. Which means you’ll need some cash. Good thing your Mummy can double as a wallet because when you’re done chowing down there will be no room in your pockets.


28 Great Poetry Reading Day – Thoreau, Shel Silverstein, Langston Hughes, pick your favorite and jot it down on a note so you can perform on demand today.


29 National Shrimp Scampi Day – gift card time again. Olive Garden any one?


30 Hairstyle Appreciation Day – in case your hairstyle needs a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day, tuck a tiny doll comb under the Mummy straps so you can keep your do looking good all day long.


We did it! The Mummy is the perfect iPhone accessory to help you celebrate any holiday, any day of the year. No matter how strange that special day might be.