Our Mission

At Loop Attachment our aim is to strengthen the relationship between people and their electronics through intelligently designed methods of attachment.

Balancing form and function, it is our mission to create products which not only accentuate the technologies that surround us but enhance their role within our lives.  As we move forward, we will continue to create accessories that give added functionality to the products they accompany and bring a high-end design aesthetic to the consumer at a low price. 

The Loop Groop

The Loop Groop was formed in 2011 through the combined efforts of three young professionals originally driven to develop a convertible watchband that seamlessly transforms the 6th generation iPod Nano into a high-end timepiece. After its successful launch, the team recognized opportunity to expand their accessories line to compliment other Apple products, such as the Mummy case for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini. 

But Loop Attachment is much more than just a business venture—it’s a collaboration based on creativity and friendship among three proud Chicago natives. With the goal of putting the Windy City on the map as a capital for innovation and smart design, the name of their company and first product is a nod to the iconic region of Downtown Chicago. But it’s also inspired by the concept of a loop itself—a curved line that bends around to reconnect with itself—to help bring technology full circle. 

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the relationship we have with our electronics so keep an eye out for news of upcoming projects and potential giveaways by following us on Facebook and Twitter.